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Choosing Your Neurosurgeon and Spine Specialist

Undergoing spine surgery can sometimes bring on feelings of anxiety. Finding a surgeon who takes the time to listen to your concerns, explain your symptoms in detail and propose the correct surgery to treat your symptoms is key to developing a trusting physician-patient relationship. I take great pride in not only educating my patients as to what is responsible for their symptoms by creating a receptive and collaborative environment, but also the confidence they place in me to achieve the desired treatment result.

- Pawel Jankowski

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Dr. Pawel Jankowski’s approach begins with non-surgical conservative therapies, tailoring the most effective and safest treatment strategies for each patient. He employs an integrated and comprehensive approach to patient care by working together with primary care providers, neurologists, pain specialists, and physical therapists to explore all avenues for alternative treatments before an operation is considered. He believes in a patient-specific approach to finding the most effective and safest treatment strategy for each patient. Dr. Jankowski employs the latest and clinically proven technologies to diagnose and treat patients suffering from spine disorders. He utilizes and has been actively involved in the development of advanced pre-surgical planning technologies centered on highly individualized treatments. He is passionate about providing the most effective and safest surgical procedures with the primary goal of improving his patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Jankowski helps patients suffering from back pain caused by a range of conditions, including degenerative disc disease, arthritis, spinal stenosis, adult and pediatric scoliosis, and patients suffering from failed back surgery syndrome. His practice specializes in patients who have adult and pediatric scoliosis, complex spinal pathologies, and patients requiring advanced revision reconstruction procedures whose previous spine surgeries proved unsuccessful. He has a vast experience with robotic-assisted spine surgery and was one of the first surgeons in the country to perform an extensive number of complex procedures using the Globus ExcelsiusGPS robotic system. As part of his commitment to his patients, he feels it is important to be engaged in the latest developments within the field of spine in order to provide the best care and treatments. As a result, he has been the first author on numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and has led research studies concerned with improving outcomes and safety in spine surgery. Dr. Jankowski has a keen interest in sports-related head and spine injuries, and is a neurosurgical head trauma/concussion consultant for the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Dr. Jankowski earned his medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed his residency in neurosurgery at the University of California San Diego. Following the residency training, he operated with the top surgeons in Europe performing a traveling spine fellowship in France and Switzerland. He then went on to complete his advanced spine fellowship training at one of the best spine fellowships in the country at New York University Langone Orthopedic Hospital with an emphasis on adult and pediatric spine deformity.

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